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My name is Mike McLean and I am pleased to finally share some of the greatest tips ever with you. Most of these tips I received from my tenants but I also have a man on the inside. I have teamed with a very high up in Section 8 that has provided me with several tips that will place a Voucher in your hands very, very quickly. Tips that you are not suppose to know about. In fact, this entire book is the book Section 8 does not want you to know about. Well guess what, now you know about it!
Everyday, people who are already receiving Section 8 assistance are terminated from the program or voluntarily re-enter the work field and give up their Voucher. Does Section 8 open up the waiting list when this happens? No. Do they call you and tell you to get down to the office immediately so they can issue you a Voucher? No. There are vacancies being filled every day but if you don’t know how to put yourself in position to get that call, it’s never gonna happen! There are so many ways to put yourself into this position, a position where you will either be handed a Voucher immediately or leap frog everyone else on the waiting list. You need to be the person who gets that next call.
Here is how the Section 8 Voucher system works. When you apply for Section 8, the first thing they look at is your current living conditions and circumstances. They take into consideration your income, how many children you have, if you’re receiving Social Security, etc, the list goes on and on. Then you are awarded points using the housing allocations points system. Your place on the waiting list depends on the number of points you have been awarded. The more points you receive the higher up the waiting list you go. That’s where I come into the picture!
Let me let you in on a secret, 98% of the people applying for Section 8 are low income, have children, and need a better place to live, unless they wouldn’t be applying for Section 8. All 98% of you are in the same boat and that’s exactly where Section 8 is going to keep you. It’s the other 2% that get the help. These are the people who have figured out a loophole in the system that moves them ahead of everyone else. They have figured out a way to make it appear (if you want to say manipulate, that’s fine) that they are in a much worse situation than you, dire straits if you will.
I would always wonder why I would rent a house to say a 45 year old woman and she would turn around and ask, “My daughter is also on Section 8, do you have any more homes available?” You and I both know how hard it is to obtain a Voucher so I knew it was not the “luck of the drawl” that both mother and daughter each received a Voucher. No, there was more to it than that. Was there a secret that the mother passed on to the daughter on how to go about getting benefits? Was there a secret way to obtain a Voucher without having to play the waiting game? I was determined to find out how they did it so I simply started asking my tenants, “How did you get a Voucher?” You are going to be very, very surprised at their answers!
I’d say I asked over 400 of my tenants the same question and just about every one of them did not do it the “legal” or “correct” way. You know the correct and legal way; calling and calling down to the Section 8 office, reapplying and reapplying, finally getting on the waiting list and sometimes waiting for years before the help you need finally arrives, if it arrives at all! Well, that’s the correct and legal way and it doesn’t work. You need help now, not six years from now!
Just about every tenant that I asked how they got onto the Section 8 Program had a different tip or story and guess what, they all worked! Some stories I thought were great and some I thought were absolutely crazy but they all in deed, worked. That’s right, if I was asking them their story and they had the Voucher in their hands, whatever cockamamie story they used to get that Voucher, worked. I intend to tell you the top 17 tips to getting a Section 8 Voucher the quickest. These are the stories or scenarios that I think put a Voucher in my tenant’s hands the easiest, quickest, and least painful.
Honestly, I don’t know if the stories the tenants told their Section 8 Service Reps were completely true or not but who am I to judge? Will people lie or fabricate a story to get their family the help they need? Your damn right they will and who could blame them! Some of these people were ready to be put out in the streets but somehow they came up with a plan, got the wheels in motion, and found the help they needed. You can do the same with the tips in this book!
If one tip in this book does not work, move on to the next and keep plugging away. What I will tell you is that all of these tips do work and here is how I know they work. I would be rehabbing one of my homes and many neighbors would ask, “Is that home for rent?” I would answer “Yes but I only rent to Section 8 tenants”. Most would either reply, “That rules me out” or “How do I get on Section 8?” I would throw them some of the tips I gathered from my tenants and sometimes, even before I would finish completing the rehab, they would return with packet in hand and say, “Mike, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your advice, I received my Voucher and I want this house!” It got to the point where most of my tenants were on Section 8 and the person who made it happen for them was me! They started referring to me as “The Voucher Getter” and hence, that is where I came up with the idea of writing this book.
Nothing is easy in life and if you want something bad enough you’ve got to go out and get it. Many people can not work because they’re single mothers, sick, or elderly. Now you have got to do the next best thing which is go out and find help to put a roof over your family’s head and food on the table. The person, who is told to get in line and wait with everybody else, probably will never get a Section 8 Voucher or the help their family needs. The person who takes a shot and orders this book stands a much greater chance of getting that help!
The tips in this book have worked for many others and I am positive that one of them will work for you. Some tenants were inventive, some were persistent, and some were just plain outrageous in their quest to receive a Section 8 Voucher and thanks to all of them and their tips, you will benefit greatly!
I also have another ace in the hole whom you will greatly benefit from. Over the years of going down to the Section 8 office to sign leases and attend landlord meetings, I became good friends with one of the top Managers in the Section 8 system. I know a lot about how to get Section 8 benefits, but this guy knows much more than I do.
I know many tenant scenarios and tricks but he knows legal loopholes that you can jump through and he has passed some really great ones on to me. All of which I will of course pass on to you. I can not reveal his name in this book because he is still currently employed by Section 8 but his tips are absolutely solid and powerful!
Not only does my friend know legal ways that work, he knows what does not work. He informed me that there are certain things that applicants will say or do that will disqualify them right on the spot. The applicant will not be informed they are disqualified but best believe they will not be brought back in for another interview or called when a Voucher becomes available. They don’t know it, but they have just taken themselves out of contention of landing a Voucher just by opening up their mouths and saying the wrong thing. My friend is going to make sure that this does not happen to you. He is going to go over what to say and what not to say in your interview. There are things that you can say and do that will make you outshine other prospective applicants and catapult you to the front of the waiting list.
Here is another thing that I want to tell you. This book is like no other because I don’t just say, “go out and do this” or “go here and do that”. No, I literally give you phone numbers and websites of where to go and what to do when you get there. I would have never known of these websites myself if I didn’t have a guy on the inside who was willing to share this info with me. These numbers and websites are worth their weight in gold if you’re trying to land a Section 8 Voucher. I have my guy on the inside and now you have you’re guy on the inside, me!
The last people that I have on the inside are my tenants. I informed some of them that I was writing a book on how to get Section 8 help and every single one of them thought it was a great idea. If I knew they had a great story,
I had them write a paragraph or two on how they were entered into the program and if I liked their story, I used it in this book. You will be reading several of the top stories that I think would be most beneficial to you. The majority of my tenants don’t like to share these tips so I had to offer them a hundred bucks if I used their story. Wow, even the tenants are entrepreneurs these days!
This entire book is only going to take you about an hour to read. It’s short and sweet and gets right to the point. I could have put a lot of fat and filler in it to make it seem like more but that’s the beauty of this book, there are probably 10,000 different ways people have tried to get on Section 8 and I’ll bet 9,975 of them did not work. The tips in this book I know have worked. My tenants are the proof!
Believe me, you’re gonna love this book. It’s packed with true stories of people just like you who went the extra yard and succeeded in what they set out to do. Once you’ve finished this book, you’ll pick out the tips you like best and immediately begin acting upon them and soon, you’ll be a Section 8 Voucher holder! So without further ado, let’s get started on getting you that voucher shall we.

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